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Welcome to all who visit our website, we are in the maritime consultative businesses for decade, and have shown our experiences for supplying all database, on available and update to the Thai Maritime Community, both in the government and private sectors which once in the past 30 years, it was lacking of these kind of things.


By our experience and the very kind support from our principles, in various fields had supported us to enable for despatching the what our customers wanted, can be reached into their hands in quick, and at reasonable prices, mostly are lower than price list in Thai currency, and in line to the bureaucrat of state procurement system.


The services that we have been deployed , were recognized worldwide , like the surveying jobs, including the valuations of ships while we have the day to day statistics in our sale and purchase market in all over the world.

We also acted as the representative for the shipbuilder in U.S.A. and all of our connections, had showed in the bidding for building ships for Navy and Fishery department before.


Please feel free to contact us which we hope you can get the right answer in all queries, and welcome to all.



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